HR & Payroll Management

Through our expertise and depth of experience in HR, we help you create the right HR management system to achieve your overall organizational goal, while meeting the needs of employees and other stakeholders. Our strategic HR planning process cycle starts from evaluating your organization’s current HR capacity; forecasting your HR requirements; developing talent strategies including recruitment, selection, hiring, training & development, onboarding, remuneration & benefits, performance management and employee relations; and finally assessing the performance of the plan.

HR Management: Strategy and Planning

    • Assess overall manpower requirement with timelines
    • Map skillsets to manpower requirements
    • Source of talent acquisition (inhouse or outsourcing)
    • Training needs
    • Budgetary allocation of costs for recruitment, payroll and training
    • Attrition analysis

Payroll Management

    • Balancing and reconciling payroll information, including tax obligations
    • Deductions and data storage
    • Payroll processing and transfers
    • Withholding, paying & reporting applicable TDS
    • Deductions on account of social securities such as PF and Employee State Insurance
    • Consolidated payroll report

Policy Formulation & Documentation

    • Medical Reimbursement
    • Medical Insurance
    • Leave & Attendance
    • Staff Meal Plan
    • Dress Code
    • Exit Policy
    • POSH
    • IT Policy
    • PMP – Performance Management Plan
    • Business Travel Policy
    • Mobile Reimbursement Policy
    • Employee Referral
    • Probation Confirmation Policy
    • External Engagement Policy
    • Code of Business Conduct

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