21 Sept 2019

We know how social media provides wide exposure, but are you aware of the benefits of social media for your business?

If, in this era, you are not leveraging social media for business, you are missing on opportunities that you can amass.

The more visible you are, the more you convert.

With that, you are also missing a connection with your potential customers disguised as audiences that can make you boost your business.

It is 2019, and if you are not presenting your business online, you are missing out on people who are looking for your solutions.

Social media is more than mere fun. Individuals, as well as brands, are using social media to market their business and establish authority.

But, how exactly do you leverage social media so that it reaps maximum benefits? Don’t sweat it!

We will discuss some best practices to leverage your social media presence for your business’s growth.

But before we discuss that, let us understand what benefits social media has for business in the first place?

Importance of Social Media for Business

  1. Trust :

    Trust is the deciding factor for any customer to make a purchase. If you win the trust of your customers, you win business.

    Social media lets you connect with your audience and win their trust. For that to happen, creating content that adds value, is crucial.

  2. Reliability :

    As with the increasing number of businesses sprouting every minute, it is becoming cumbersome for audiences to rely on any one of them. Therefore, when you create content and provide real value, you set yourself apart from the crowd.

    This also makes your customers rely on you more, resulting in repetitive sales.

  3. Competitive Edge :

    Social media for business gives you a competitive edge. Not just this, you can get to see what your competitors are doing and how are they leveraging platforms.

    It makes you fill the gaps by providing your customers with value that other brands are not.

    That is how social media is beneficial for businesses.

  4. Boosts visibility :

    There are 3.499 billion active social media users

    If people don’t know about your business, how will they ever become your customers?

    By increasing visibility, you also enhance brand awareness, opening gates to more customers. This helps you boost leads and eventually sales.

How to Leverage Social Media for Business?

Now, getting to the good part!

By now, you would have considered how social media can prove to be beneficial for your business, let us take a tour of how to leverage social media for business so that you have a reputed brand.


  1. Curate a Strategy:

    A powerful content strategy goes a long way than you think it does. Strategy paves the path for your content and lets you take advantage of the social mediums.

    To do that, know your goals and audience well. Articulating a strategy tells you exactly where you want to head and how to do that.

  2. Know Your People:

    Knowing your people (audience) also means knowing what content to create and the trends pertaining.

    This helps you in understanding the latest market preferences and benefit from it. Adding to it, you cater well to your audience once you know what they are looking for.

  3. Give More Than You Take:

    People are tired of empty promises that marketers have been sticking with for as long as we can remember.

    They are certainly looking for some credible sources to trust and rely on.

    That is why you should focus on providing value through your content. Valuable content is often defined as something that can educate, inspire, motivate and/or encourage them to take action.

  4. Promote the Value:

    While it is crucial to provide the value, it is of no use if it can’t reach your target audience. Therefore, you must promote the value so it reaches more people.

    Promote your blogs, news and events, and case studies through social media.

    Let your audience know about your business and how is it helping people.

    Send ripples in the social media through your content with the aim of creating value.

  5. Connect With the Community:

    What is social media after all if it is not networking? Connect with like-minded people but do not try to sell all the time. Try to build a community and priceless connections around your brand.

    Infact, consumers who can connect with the brand are known toconvert better and stay loyal.

So these were some benefits of social media for business and how to leverage it. The bottom line is to engage with the community and make them feel the real value your product or service is providing.

Social media has helped businesses scale and we are firm the primary reason is the value it creates.

So are you leveraging social media the right way?

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